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In Erotic Stories Rocks we offer the most fun and sensual erotic stories for all tastes.

Literature of any kind is an enriching habit, and it can be done alone, without limits of time or place. The best readings are those that are able to involve the reader in the plot and keep him interested from start to finish.
There are readings like the erotic, which aims to awaken all the senses of the human being, discover pleasures, make your imagination fly and even make you discover fetishes or fears that you did not imagine. In Erotic Stories Rocks we offer the Top 100 in erotic stories for all tastes, with different styles such as: Seduction, humor, voyeurism, Boy-Girl, Girl-girl, Interracial Love, Kinky pleasures, SM, BDSM, Exhibitionism, bisexual, group games and much more, for you to decide what kind of experience you want to discover and immerse yourself.
If he not only likes to read good erotic stories but also writes them, he can send us his story as anonymously, or as an author and make a profit. Their erotic short stories must have a series of parameters to be published; meet characteristics such as the story must go according to the category or gender you have selected. It must be original content and a series of terms and conditions that must be accepted by the author.
Likewise, if you decide to register on our website you must comply with the conditions, otherwise, you will not be able to access our services. In Erotic Stories Rocks we are demanding with the content we publish and we set criteria both to publish erotic stories and to make payments. In the same way, you can consult everything related to the sending of your erotic short stories as an author or as anonymous on our website
Erotic Stories Rocks is a website with totally legal stories and information, with exclusive content for the enjoyment of adults. We invite you to browse our page and discover stories full of erotic practices and pleasure. Immerse yourself in the experiences of our editors and make it yours from start to finish.

November 3, 2018