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Geoffrey Zakarian wife Margaret Anne Williams and her family of 5

On June 12, 1979, Geoffrey Zakarian wife Margaret Anne Williams was born in Tampa, Florida. He followed in his father’s footsteps and built an empire in the business industry, but Margaret is best known as the chef’s wife and television personality, Geoffrey Zakarian.

His father, Mr. Francis Williams, is the executive director of Kimmins Contracting Corporation, founded in 1923, a construction and demolition company that aims to create innovative projects. As the daughter of a businessman, this became Margaret’s passion, and the exhibition proved effective because years later, Geoffrey Zakarian wife Margaret Anne Williams became a world-renowned businesswoman. Before that, I study at the University of New York, Marketing and Marketing.

With her father’s connections and Margaret’s enthusiasm for excelling, she was always able to take on great challenges. At the age of 26, she had become the marketing executive of 3Sixty Hospitality, which focuses on catering services for her clients. It offers excellent customer service and, no doubt, delicious dishes. In addition, 3Sixty Hospitality is associated with two companies, namely, Lotus and DoubleSeven. Lotus has three branches in the US UU., France and Germany, and provides a gastronomic experience, specifically for the elite class.

As for Geoffrey Zakarian, better known as Iron Chef, he met Geoffrey Zakarian wife Margaret Anne Williams through a mutual friend. His passion for food and entrepreneurial spirit became the bridge of their relationship. The couple wanted a business that defined their relationship, not only as lovers but as business partners. Through the intricate interior design and kitchens made by Geoffrey, it serves more than 100 customers every day.

Geoffrey and Margaret now have three children who became the definition of joy and perfection for the couple. Madeline was born in 2007; Anna in 2009, they and Geoffrey were recently seen in an episode of “The Kitchen” on the Food Network. Both spend their time riding horses with their children, walking and organizing family trips.

November 4, 2018